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capture adventure.

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multi-fandom icontest


THIS IS AN ICONTEST COMMUNITY FOR EPIC/ADVENTURE FILMS AND THEIR SOURCES AND INSPIRATIONS. Please check our 'interests' below for the fandoms involved here, or click on the 'suggestion' link above to make note of something you'd like to see added. Thanks!

our rotation works as follows
MONDAYS; (after 12:01am) new challenges will be posted.
MONDAYS; (after 12:01am) voting begins on challenges (those that were posted the previous MONDAY).
TUESDAYS; (after 11:59pm) voting ends.
WEDNESDAYS; (after 12:01am) winners are announced.
FRIDAYS; by this day, banners should be posted, or soon afterwards.

Contest entries will be screened.
Challenges, voting, winners and banners entries will be added to the master list.
There will be theme challenges on occasion, to accompany the main challenge.
Here is the general format for voting. It will be added to each of the voting entries with the specifics for each challenge.

master list

1st place hall of fame

mods & banner makers
citadel_iconsmods' icon community
abc_narniachronicles of narnia alphabeta icontest
anakin_icontestanakin skywalker / vader icontest
bw_stillnessblack & white icontest
costume_eliteicon community for good costume icons
drjacksonstillsdr. jackson of stargate icontest
draco_choruslyrical icontest for draco malfoy
dswnchstrstillsicontest for supernatural
fireflyhushtextless icontest for firefly
garrett_stillsicontest for actor garrett hedlund
grease_icontesticontest for the musical grease
grafx_challengea stock graphics challenge
gwtw_stillsicontest for gone with the wind
iconstillness08general creative icontest
intl_challengeglobal cities icontest
je_stillnessjack and elizabeth potc icontest
kdunststillsicontest for kirsten dunst
malfoy_icontestpureblood icontest
marg_stillnessmarg helgenburger icontest
mystery_stillsicontest best on mysterious media
obiwanstillnessobi-wan kenobi icontest
rent_icontesticontest for RENT
sw_eu_icontesticontest for STAR WARS
swordandsandalicontest for adventure/period
sweeping_epicsicontest for period/costume
tdk_stillicontest for the dark knight
the_historiesicontest with historic themes
tng_stillnessicontest for (star trek) the next generation
twilight_conicontest for twilight
wizard_icontestgeneral harry potter icontest
x_men_stillsicontest for the x-men films

(( This is an icontest community. We do not own the images in use unless otherwise stated. All icons you take and use from here must be credited to their creators and must not be used without consent. Please comment on the maker's icon submission after the contest has ended to ask their permission. ))

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